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Welcome to my blog..

Here you will find various topics in general areas. But before we get to that let me give you an idea of my personality.

You see, I’m a goofball…. I’m a 38 year old woman that still throws childlike temper tantrums when things don’t go my way! I give it the full throttle effect like arms hang down as if they were spaghetti, my whole body gets all draggy, I whine, and put on the biggest puppy face… it’s just so frustrating when things don’t go as I expect them to go (if they even go at all)!! Rrrrrrrgggg! Enough of that, let me tell you the fun stuff … I am over all an ADVENTURE BOX / CHAMELEON. Adventure box because you may never know what I might do next (as far as a project or  an event goes). It doesnt matter wat it is, I get pretty creative with it. I’m also the ice (awkward social situations) breaker of all time.

CHAMELEON, because I make it my mission to blend in, in any chosen social group.

Now, a little about my nickname. “Ms Lovely”

Ms Lovely was taken (throws fit) so since my blog is about giving advice, I chose “mslovelyadvise” (again advice was taken lol). Other than that, well, *takes zip of her tea …. I am just lovely lol

I created this blog to have a place to drain my brain. So, yeah, it’s gonna be at random, just because blog lol one minute I may talk about the best street tacos in the FRIGGEN WORLD, the next maybe,and perhaps, about saving the world by bringing back the moral conduct. And I don’t know…. I may throw in there some of my art drawings, I may even share something that literally made me LMAO. . . Sharing a laugh in my opinion is the best.

Over all, I guarantee my readers some laughs, self reflection, contemplation, and might even hurt some feelings here and there. I speak my mind and have no buts about it (so much for being lovely huh? Lol). I invite the public by all means, feel free to debate any post. Let’s do it in a etiquette manner without crossing any lines.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of which I write. Feel free to explore and don’t forget to like, share, or comment. You can also visit My other website, specially dedicated to all those having trouble in there personal love department directly at:

Free Relationship Advice

I’m also an artist, so feel free to check out my drawings at:

“Art Of My Mind”

Yours Truly…

Ms Lovely