There's cemen and then there's sperm. Doctors cut or clamp the little tubes called "Vas Deferens" that prevent sperm from entering the cemen when men ejacutlates. Sperm is still produced, so my question is, where the hell does sperm go!? Does sperm die and eventually just become cemen? Does it linger in the testicles? Does … Continue reading Vasectomy

Confession 32- Take My Love

Dear WordPress Friends, My apologies, I been gone for a while... To my very own surprise, I became pregnant after 20 years... I have said in the past I've been searching for soulmate.... When my soulmate is and has always been the love I carry inside me and the love I have to give and/or … Continue reading Confession 32- Take My Love

Confession 29- Lady bits and information

Let's get to the point. This blog is about the vagina. Yes, very delicate subject. Now, I'm sharing this, only because I know that many women out there, feel insecure about their lady bits.. And that could cause low self-esteem and relationship problems. What I'm about to share with you is for female hygiene purposes. … Continue reading Confession 29- Lady bits and information

Confession 16- talents

Allow me to brag lol 😁😁😁 but I gotta say I am a woman of MANY TALENTS who trips on flat surfaces. Tee hee My #1 talent would be Cooking Oh. I can throw down in my kitchen, your kitchen... Any kitchen, except Hells Kitchen. You give me a slimy flat squid, strawberries, and a … Continue reading Confession 16- talents

Confession 23- love point of view

When you say "I love you," do you mean it? If so, do you walk the walk as much as you talk the talk? It's not a matter of proving it, its the principal of your word. Its about you letting the world know, you will fight anything, any obsticle, or anyone who tries to get in between you and your happiness and will do what ever it takes to defend it.