In my opinion, it goes like this. . .

I view Child support as a sign of weakness. If I have a baby, why ask someone to help you support your own child, when clearly they don’t want to take part in their kids life.

I do ask for help, that’s different. Asking baby daddy to help when he can, without court orders, drama, and all the BS, is a lot more relaxing.

Now if baby daddy wants to be a coward and not help with at least a bag of diapers, why beg? That only makes him weak. Why would you want a weak baby daddy in your child’s life as a role model?

If baby daddy wants in…. By all means, love and respect him, whether he is your man or not… At least he has the balls to step up and not run and hide like a punk.

Which by the way, being on food stamps knowing you can work is as weak as taking baby daddy to court. If you’re not asking baby daddy you’re asking tax payers? Nah! Not for me. Unless you absolutely need to be on government assistance then by all means, but taking advantage of the system makes us women look like punks when we know we are strong and healthy enough to put in work.

Break a sweat ladies… Just saying. Be strong and don’t ask for sh@#$t, show your kids how strong you are, show them how mommy takes care of business, and get it done.

Yours Truly, Ms Lovely

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