Pregnant and Confused

I’m so annoyed with the doctors!!! I don’t know if they are guessing or what!!!

Went to the clinic appointment today… But before I go on about that, let me tell you what happened at the emergency room.

I had contractions and I think that was just me being paranoid! At the emergency room I was told I was going into labor by the end of July based on baby position.

I went to clinic appointment today and they are 100% I’m due in August 20th based on a full term. However, they said, I may be going into premature labor due to the position of my baby. But my full term based on measurements they took should be at exactly 40 weeks as in August 20. Therefore I should have my baby on August 20th. Anytime before that, they consider me having a premature baby.

So, I’m gonna try to hold her in as long as I can. I’m having a girl by the way… Her name: Aiyanna Isabella M.

Aiyanna (Ā-yah-nah): native American name meaning “eternal blossom”

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