Does everything happen for a reason? Is our life already written? Or do we live by our choices trapped in an epic giant chain reaction?

Dude, I have an only child of 20, I’m almost 39, my nest was empty, and out of no where….. POP WENT THE F@#$& WEASEL!!!

My love life is a novel of love, lust, twisted mysteries, an unwanted marriage, and a very sexy passionate truck driver lover.

My novel started a new chapter full of mystery all on it’s own. Who will be the father of my unborn baby…. The man I so long to divorce or my truck driver lover? Both still in the picture waiting to see what happens. One thing is for sure…. I am hoping the truck driver to be the father, I’m moving out of Seattle regardless of what happens,  I am going to have the family I always wanted, which means my husband and my sister wives, and a beautiful farm.

Will my choices lead to a chain reaction build on my wishes? Or will life teach me a lesson and tell me I won’t get everything I ever wanted? Is my life already written? Will I marry the man of my dreams and have his baby!? Will he love if it’s not his baby?

Trust me….. I have been living a torturous war in my head for the past 6 months and I still have 3 more months to go! All I want is to meet my baby and see that he/she look just like my truck driver!!! Don’t get me wrong, I will love my baby regardless of who the father is… To better understand my problem, is that I made love with one man and was forced to unwanted sex with another.

I love my truck driver.

To be continued…

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