There’s cemen and then there’s sperm. Doctors cut or clamp the little tubes called “Vas Deferens” that prevent sperm from entering the cemen when men ejacutlates.

Sperm is still produced, so my question is, where the hell does sperm go!? Does sperm die and eventually just become cemen? Does it linger in the testicles? Does it accumulate over the years and perhaps become harmful for a man? What happens to all that sperm!?!?!

If you know a lot about vasectomies, please share a comment below in regards the following concerns:

1. Do you or anybody you know has got pregnant even after a vasectomy?

2. How much  time passed after vasectomy to see sperm present

3. What are the risks of a vasectomy?

4. Is there severe side affects from getting a vasectomy?

5. Is it safe?

6. Do doctors explain what happens to the sperm that is being produced in your balls… I mean in your testicles?

7. Is late regrowth possible (or what ever it’s called) I guess what I mean is… Is it possible for the tube/tubes to reconnect?

Please share you educational opinion, knowledge, or anything you know about vasectomies below?

Yours Truly, Ms Lovely

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