I rely on WordPress reads for spiritual guidance. Reading as well as writing some stories (on my spare time), articles, or passages helps me in so many personal ways.

The following list of places I recommend you to read:

1. Need inspiration?  Make It Ultra

2. Want to know wordpress news? Antonio Westly has a lot of information.

3. A little of everything, but it is sure to light up your day… Go to: Piecesofme

4. T-bird is just a cool guy! Check his blog out read it learn of what he is about. If anything.. you will earn a good friend. The Tony Burgess Blog

5. This one is my philosophy blog, but I accidently added other sh***t lol feel free to read it though The Philosophy Corner

6. Ah, Joseph is sure to give you a mental sweat. He sure does gets you thinking when he talks about Rationalising The Universe. If you want to know what’s out there, check him out.

I will add more as I go later. Just ran out of time, there are a lot of cool people here with very well worth reading blogs.

I love you all. Thank you for taking the time to read.

Yours Truly, Ms Lovely


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