Let’s get to the point. This blog is about the vagina. Yes, very delicate subject. Now, I’m sharing this, only because I know that many women out there, feel insecure about their lady bits.. And that could cause low self-esteem and relationship problems.

What I’m about to share with you is for female hygiene purposes.

  1.  Keep in mind that vaginas come in all sizes (just like penises, in which btw, SIZE DOES NOT MATTER! I will just leave it at that). It is attached to you for life, so… Why not (since its literally part of you) take good care and love on her.
  2. Hygiene. Ladies, No… It is not supposed to smell like fish. I know I don’t. Look, I am bisexual, and there about with 5 different women. I had to tell them the truth 2of them at least.
  3. Wash her at least twice a day if not lazy! Take your finger and check her temperature. If you wrinkled your nose, imagine what the person eating the cookie is thinking.
  4. Screenshot_20161223-131615.png This babies here should be women’s best friend! This little wax suppository is an overnight dutche. Before bed time, put a pad on,insert one of this in your vagina,  then simply go to sleep. You probably will forget you went to sleep with one. The second you stand up, you’ll know. The warm liquid that almost feels like you pee yourself,  its only all the dirty stuff you ghad in your vagina such as left over sperm, discharge, and old blood left behind by your menstrual Period. It flushes you inside out. Leaving behind a sweet smell of paradise flowers. I don’t care what people say about this product. I been using it for many years and Love it.
  5. It is important to wash yourselves everyday specially if you’re an active person, after sex, and during your menstrul. The vagina stores moisture that if disregarded it could lead to very foul smells. Foul smells that stays even if washed before sex.
  6. Let me tell you what to do with a wide set vagina. First of, there are exercises to strengthen the vulva, inner walls of your vagina, the labia majora.  Look it up its all over YouTube.
  7. There is this thing I learned from Asian women in my community. They claim to not find sex as pleasurable as they do when they use alum rock. Alum rock is a crystal salt looking rock sold in Mexican and Asian grocery stores. It is also used to dehydrated beef for beef jerky.

Who wants a dehydrated vagina right! Well as funny as that sounds, I am a curious woman… So I tried it. Lol

  • Ok let me explain the process. First of, it works a little too well!
  • The alum rock has a super omfg sour taste to it.
  • When applying, take the biggest rock (so make sure when you buy it, the sack contains big chunks of it) and do two dabs on to the vagina entry way about 2 times then wash thoroughly. That alone shrinks your vagina three times smaller. I wasn’t explained how it worked and I didn’t want to ask lol. When I tried it for the first time it was a disaster !! There was no way the penis or finger was gonna go in my vagina. I closed up completely making it impossible to even pee for two days! I was crying thinking my vagina was gonna stay that way! When I went and told my Asian friend about I (desperate seeking for help) she was ROLLING dying laughing and told me everything was going to be fine. I felt better afterwards.
  • Lastly, pineapple increases fertility and gives your vagina a sweeter taste. I don’t know, don’t ask me why!

Well, I hope that helps…

Yours truly, Ms Lovely

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