When the words “I love you” come out of your mouth, do you mean it? How far are you willing to go for the one you claim to love? What if there are differences in background as far as in the eyes of society goes? Would pride come before love and stop someone’s emotions from going any further? Or would love overpower society’s eyes and just flip everyone off?  What would a person be willing to give up in the name of love?
  What if your family didn’t accept the person you love because of background, level of education, job category, race,religion, ect….? Would you care? Would you walk away from a person who wants to become one with you to please your family’s traditions and/or believes?
  What if you’re already married, but you’re miserable…? What if you’re stuck in a marriage that is the second version of hell? Many process the thought of divorce as a huge hastle and drama that they do not wish to deal with. Most feel like divorce would be like jumping from a frying pan into the fire. But the thing that people are mostly careful about, is their own immage. It is ludicrous to see how people rather sneak around and cheat for tiny temporary taste to just feel. rather than moving on The battle to see who keeps what is just overwhelming…. So you stay married, miserable, but comfortable, and just sneak around to meet someone else. What is the plan when you meet someone else? What if feelings begin to evolve for a whole new person. Would you be willing to move on and just walk away with nothing for the sake of your happiness? Or will the current status of your wealth and comfort over power the ability to love and be loved again take over you? 
Many things could prevent true love… Background, race, religion, family traditions/believes, level of education, being rich vs being poor, nationality, and much more.
  In the end it all boils down to backing up the phrase “I love you.” These three powerful words makes people do the unthinkable when they truly are in love. Love boils down to acting out on it when you say it. If you are going to say “I love you” have the balls and the courage to stand on its property.
  I mean really, correct me if I’m wrong, but someone please explain to me what does this even mean…..  “I love you, but you know I can’t be with you, but I don’t want to lose you…. Please don’t leave me.” Anybody ever heard that one before? Is that really love?
  Ok, been there, heard it,done that, and stayed… If you are going through that situation right now, know this… You don’t stay because you believe that he/she really truly loves you. You stay, because you actually know the meaning of love and how to give it, you have the courage to risk it all even if means you might get hurt, and because you have the balls to give a person a chance to prove themselves worthy of loving. Overall, if you find yourselves inevitably helpless to the must give him/her a chance and perhaps they will finally open their eyes and see how your heart beats for him or her, ask yourself this question…. Why? Look in the mirror and say this words, why do I love him/her so damn much? What did he do to have me head over heels?…. I mean really look into your eyes so your soul can reveal the answers you NEED.
WARNING: the answers might end up feeling like anger, but let me just tell you that you were never stupid nor dumb… That is simply a kind of anger that yes, it may b***tch slap a little, but all it is, that feeling is just a way of your subconscious mind of taking off the bandana that was showing you only what you wanted to see off your eyes, and just wake you up.
   Bottom line, my advice to all is to not say “I love you” to another soul unless you are free to commit and stand by your word. Don’t say “I love you” unless you are ready to dive into a pool of risks, go to war with those against your happiness, and you are ready to show what you mean when you say you love. And finally, it is allowed to question love…. Why do you love? Why does he/she love you. Then approach the answer as if it was the final exam and the answers actually match their ongoing actions. All should be discussed with one another out loud eye to eye (not through text) after  all… It is a long journey for two. So, walk the walk baby.
However, take this emotion very serious by doing a self assessment or study… Know the reason behind your love towards another… Obsession will only cause you pain and darken your soul, possibly even destroy other people’s lives if not your own.. So control your emotions, don’t let your emotions control you. I myself have abandonment issues (childhood stuff…. Long story) that could trigger obsession to actions to refuse on letting go. I am very careful with love and I don’t mention it unless I truly feel it. How do I know it isn’t obsession… Well I my self have my little mirror sessions to where I self evaluate. Love is not a game nor the heart is meant to use as a toy for one’s advantage. Respect other people’s emotions beginning with your own.
Never make decisions based on emotions, which I myself have done MANY times! Putting emphasis specially on emotions such as ANGER and AROUSAL FEELINGS, making decisions on those specially leads to scaring and ugly tormented regrets.
Well hope that helps someone out there….
Yours Truly, Ms Lovely </p>

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