It has been a while since I’ve written a blog, about a week or two. I been busy with work. But wait, I have been boiling up and thought processing the idea on how to date. It may or may not make sense, but this I tell you…. I’m about to hurt a lot of feelings today lol.

So this instruction book, I’m still working on it. The more I write the bigger, tougher, the penis blocker it becomes.

Basically it consists on locking them legs ladies. Hey, first of… Let me a sure you I not no angel! I had my moments when I wanted a boyfriend and went about it the WRONG way. Let me put it this way, FAST GIRLS FINISH LAST…. ALWAYS! I know because in my dating days, I was what men call “fast.” While it is not the intention of many women out there to be perceived as fast or easy, men still call it that. I lost respect from a man I fell in love with at first sight. With that said, let’s vet to the good part.

Dating Men: keep in mind that 1 out of 10 is actually looking for a long-term relationship. Three are seeking for companionship, where on some occasions sleeping over is allowed (in other words, men who wants the full benefits of a wife, or what they now call wifie… But without having to take care of her and with the free to still be open and available to other women. So then your female role would be doing a wife’s duties, which is (but not necessarily) clean, cooking, sleeping together, cooking, and laundry washing. Sex is a must!. And no rights to ask of whereabouts, joint assets, or financial support. Only keeps a woman around just to see where it goes. If he likes how well you cooperate, years may go by til he decides he likes to settle down with you. Also depending on how long are you willing to take on that role. Finally, the rest are looking for just sex, no girlfriend no nothing. . . just sex, whether occasional or one night stand.

Dating Women: 1 out of 10 females look are straight up con artist. These women are not necessarily drop dead gorgeous Barbie’s, but sure are evil snakes with a venomous bite that will strip you from almost everything you have. The worse part, you won’t see it coming. Another 2 out if 10 just want sex no boyfriend or anything like that. 3 out of 10 looking for long term baby daddy/sugar daddy type of relationship (in other words, she will stay faithful as long as you take care of her needs. If you don’t… She’ll simply loom else where). Her loyalty will come with a price. The other 3 are looking for an actual relationship. Or a man to grow old with and actually be best friends with and love for ever. She will remain your woman til the day one or the other dies, but only if mutual interest are shown. These women are blunt, and will not contribute to the mind games or beat you around the bush.

Overall, my conclusion is that no one takes relationships serious, simply because sex is so easy to find. The day women make men be men and actually work hard to consider her his women and do what ever it take to make her his wife, that will be the day true love will exist once again.

A man takes great pride on his success and his winnings…. A pride so profound, that he would never hand over his price to another man. What did your man had to do, to win your mind, body, heart, and soul over? What did he had to go through, just to get to first base?

The waiting ( waiting, meaning NO SEX.. Oh come on!!! Don’t make that face… Here is why) process period, is the settings of a relationship. The setting in which you must take time to read into, agree to certain terms and conditions, get to know what you’re getting into, build a firewall protection from attackers (haters), program two separate systems to work as one, to then finally have a great relationship presentation to publicize.

Let’s restore these relationship settings my friends.

Yours truly, MsvLovely

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