Confession 26- Anal= 💩💩💩


There are no unicorns, no butterflies, no hearts, no flowers, no gardens, fairy tales, roses, or rainbows that come out a females or males’ butt hole!!!!! Oh, btw… Females FART AND POO TOO!!!!

 Anyways, so yeah, what’s with anal sex! It’s like, so gross and yeah! Come on people, its common sense, if you like anal cause its tighter… Avoid the penis smelling like sh#@%$ and simply take your hand or hers or even his, and guess what…. The hand adjusts on how tight you want that grip. I don’t know, makes sense to me. Also, you could avoid infections, hemorrhoids, pain, fecal matter (commonly known as SH#@T), farts, (wait, does that happen during anal sex? do people like, SHART? BAHAHAHAHAHA  *clears throat and makes serious face), and bad odor. 

I’m 38, tried it once, and i was like, OH HELL NO! he didn’t seem to want to stop, so I helped him understand my pain by taking my soft heel and launched it, right into his jingle bells. I know he understood my pain, because he uncorked real quick as soon as my heel made somewhat contact with his danglings… Well, except that i didn’t turn into a chameleon by changing all shades of reds. With that said… NO touchy, NO likely, NO lookie, NO nookie, and promise, NO punchie 😈😈😈…. OFF LIMITS! OR ELSE 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

Damn, now I feel better. Been wanting to say that out loud…. Wait, well. . . Technically…. Ah! Never mind, you know what I mean! You heard it here first!!! Go tell the world my lovelys!!!

yours Truly, Ms Lovely 😀😀😀😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

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