Turn Negativity Into Powerful Fuel To Succeed 

The moment when people doubt you and their doubt turns into fuel…  to burn tire in their faces and drive to success. Funny thing is, these are people who claim to love and care about you. But laugh at your motivations and tell you to get off the clouds and stop dreaming.

Who will favor from their satisfaction? Will they have the satisfaction to laugh in your face and say “I TOLD YOU SO?” or will you have the satisfaction to live your dream,look back just to contemplae om how far you hacome!. ?

Here are some words to tell your self when you feel like you’re going to just hand them over the satisfation to laugh in your face at your failures.

NOTE: Make sure you’re looking at your self in the mirror. Dont just look at the mirror look deep in to your own pretty eyes and ask yourself this:

What drive you to that current task? Why are you quitting on your goals? What made it so imposible that you had to give up? Is there really no other alternatives? Or did you simply get weak?how long do you tend on staying weak?

Now, base on the decision you just took… How or where do you see yourself 2 years from now.? If that’s to long of a leap. Try 3 months. 

  So, ok… We may never know what is in store for us tomorrow. I am going to quote The Matrix when Murphy said “know the difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” 
In the end its all bout WILL POWER.  Enjoying the moment of empowerment, generating powerful fuel from people that don’t believe in my willpower to succeed, love to put me down, and wait around to watch me fall down just to put me down some more. 

Como dice mi mama “El que rié al ultimo rié mejor.”

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