Once I sit and enter the train of thought… I’m gone. This time, I took the train through life. This is it…. My fingers have touched the keyboard and I am no longer present. I begin to type, only it is not me… It is my soul that takes over, my spirit, and my subconscious mind. I have been recording life unknowingly and now it wants to show me what I have missed. Visually, it looks like I land on earth as a ghost. I am like wind brushing the faces of people. I see and hear everything. I am an outsider looking in. Watching people’s drama, self inflicting heart ache and pains. People coming up with ways to get attention, then later thinking about it. Some angry as their plan didn’t grant their wish to obtain the attention they sought, others with a smirk on their face, fully satisfied with their method, a few embarrassed as they get caught in the plot, and some regretting their actions. I, my self included.

I seem to be able to teleport from scene to scene. Watching our ways of life. I see some parents fearing for the innocence of their children, guarding them inside the walls of a rated G home. Homeschooling and feeding them just the right amount of healthy food and following ancestry book of moral a moral life. Other parents secretly knowing their children’s minds are slowly being corrupted and there’s nothing they can do, for they must make a living. Discipline is simply not working…. Corruption wins and takes over the young minds,and killing a parents spirit. Other’s becoming parents at the mercy of nature who will take it’s course. Parents not by choice, some change and actually have sympathy for a helpless baby and actually nurtures that baby at their best knowledge. Others becoming resentful of parenthood and become hateful towards their own creation. Yet, their desire of unprotected sex only increases.

Some pretend to love, their reasons on doing so will never known, only that it has benefit behind it, and having to doing so eats every bit of good of their soul. Then there are those who truly love but their gift of it gets shove back in their face or gets taken for granted. In rare occasions does love meet, form ties, and stay strong. Then there are those who love a challenge, they play with people’s emotions, they love until they win, then they get bored, and move on to the next challenge, breaking the one they swore to love, careless, and without mercy.

I see teens struggling to fit in. Some pressured to live up to society’s standards of beauty ruled by the superficial. Others depressed because their genes prevents it. Some are realists, others are convinced that beauty is a must, forgetting everything else in life.

I’m an outsider looking in. And I see the humans of tomorrow classified in four categories…. The Beautiful, The Rich, The Ugly, and The Poor. I see a future created with drama where love is a confused unknown emotion. I see people have sex to fulfill the pleasures of the flesh, making love is no longer used, love becomes a myth, and just a fantasy that once was written by perhaps an optimistic fool. In fact this action is already taking place. People saying “love does not exist!” Sad but true!

Is this what people see in life. Is that what the future generation has to look forward to?…… Shame, it saddens me to see how life is taken for granted. People don’t see the beauty of choice. It is a wonderful and amazing thing to have in each and everyone of us. Choice is power…. Does anybody know how powerful choice can be?
Ever heard “with great power comes great responsibility?” We are not perfect, but then their is choice that can take us near it. We can become perfect by choice in a moral standard by the way we treat one another. So far, respect is out the window, honesty is just a thing of the past, loyalty…. Well let’s just say animals know how to that better and love is just a fiction fantasy story. Fact of the matte, we wouldn’t have to lie, if we act honorably enough to tell the truth, thus relieving ourselves from having to go through a whole bunch of other drama. One lie or one act of honesty will make a huge difference for what is there to come.

I came for a stroll to this virtual reality train of thought for a brief. It was a sad journey. Earth with its beautiful nature to provide and sustain life, and the us humans are sh***ing on it with our self-centered greedy actions. We spit in the face of true beauty which is the nature in general, by creating our own idea of beauty. Will humanity ever improve? Will there ever be peace among each other? Will people ever see past another’s superficial and actually see the beauty within? Is there even beauty in our hearts? Are there any good intentions towards another without ever the thought of expecting something in return entering our minds? Is there really justice? Is it really that hard to make good choices? Is drama the only way to gains? Is there such thing as the right choice?

As an outsider looking in I see people living inside a giant game of chess, constantly trying to guess what the other’s next move will be, kill or be killed, destroy or be destroyed. We are living a life of make believe happiness and dressed with love incognito with the horns at the other end. I call it as I see it.

Prove me wrong. I mean “no body is perfect, but come on… That’s no excuse to become less human.

Yours truly, Ms Lovely

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