Confession 20- Purpose of Life

  1. To accept that we are not perfect
  2. To Experience
  3. To Fail
  4. To Feel
  5. To learn
  6. To teach
  7. To be humble
  8. To Respect
  9. To Conquer the toughest moments
  10. And To succeed

In that order… 

      Which is why I’m here. You might ask your selves, why does Ms Lovely sharing such personal details?  The answer to that question is…. Because it is my duty to teach what I know and so is yours. Thats how we evolve. 

        My theory is that everything in its creation, meaning LIFE, meaning every single living organism…. Ok I’ll go deeper… Every cell and even every particle of dust in earth as well as for existence in space, there’s an equal and an unequal, positive and a negative, there’s is balance. 

        Life, meaning everything, have a responsabily to keeping this balance. A simple example: a baby does not understand that if he/she gets to close to the edge of the bed, and keeps going, he/she is going to fall into a very painful thump, head first. It is the responsibility of those who know to teach the baby or supervise. 

        Why is it that most parents believe that once a child gains conscious of right and wrong, that child no longer needs lessons on what to do and what not to do? Hell, I’m 38, and I’m still learning sht! Like how is not polite to say “SHT” in a blog! But hey, I think it puts more emphasis to what I’m trying to day heh heh heh heh. 

      *Clears throat, rubs hands together, and kicks an invisible rock 


      *Claps her hands once to break awkward silence* 

       Well….. As I was saying, I was born to accept my failures, learn from my mistakes, take control of my life, respect that you are different from me, and teach what I know on the outcome of life…. Teach the bad and the good with wisdom. In other words teach cause and effect. 

        Do not teach anything out of your knowledge field. It is ok not to know. Admitting that you don’t know makes you humble, honest, and smart when willing to learn.  

      This blog here is 100% my own ideas, worded in my own way, and is a passage of a book in process. It is not copied nor seen anywhere (that I know of) unless someone out there is actually thinking or thought the same exact words as I did. Lol 

       I am almost done with this book thank goodness!!! It would be my first and I sure hope the message gets out there . I’m not looking to get rich, just delivering some positive messages that will hopefully change someone’s life for the better. 

      Yours truly, Ms Lovely

      Author: Evangelina A. Martinez             COPYRIGHT©2016

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