Bring it! What else you got? I cannot be broken….. I refuse to be broken… And I won’t go down without a fight. For every kick in the ass I get…. I’ll come back and return two. Test me, I dare you. You don’t know me like you think you know me life. You don’t have it like that. Only thing you got going for yourself is that you can actually take MY life at any given moment. Accidents happen right! But ask me if I’m afraid of death! That would be a NO! I died twice already. And I came back. So listen here, quit trying to mess things up for me. I’m living life how I’m suppose to, I don’t hurt anyone on purpose, and I’m trying to help people rediscover love… You won’t make me stop believing in love, even if every you take away my love ones. There will be new ones! I see you’re throwing things at me to make MY life more difficult than it already is and I keep dodging. But I’m tired of your sht! So back off cause I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. You messed with the wrong spirit. Ml

Let my words reach onto the universe. I will be happy no matter what. I will believe in love… No matter what!.. and I will never give up even if that means I have to fight life from messing with MY life,  MY wishes, and MY dreams.



Yours truly, Evangelina A. Martinez. Yeah remember this name life. Don’t F@#$& with me!

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