Confession 15 – Wattpad

Hello, I am in the exploration level and trying to learn what      wattpad is all this is about. I am a writer with a passion of writing. My style of writing leans more to nonfiction with some fiction twists during dramatic events. I write only to inspire promotion to the true values of relationships  | not necessarily romantic relationships |, restore these values one soul at a time, plant a seed of respect for one another,  and set a reminder about the behavior on our morality. My main target are young adults who seek mentoring and\or a role model  to help them construct their growing lives. Specifically the young ladies out there rushing to get a boyfriend and hungry to get attention. We are at a time of our lives that true gentlemen and ladylike behavior is rapidly being extinguished and the world is in dire need
of gentlemen and ladylike behavior. 
  Sounds impossible I know, but baby steps is better than no steps.


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