Confession 12- Music

Ever since I can remember I notice something in the music I like… The type of music I love is the way certain music sounds rather than the lyrics in it’s self. Certain music captivates me… For example, the sound of strings… Piano, guitar, accustic guitar, cello, and the violin.  I don’t care much for banjo or any other string instruments like the harp. Electric strings like electric guitar, violin, and the organ are too noisy and just overpowers the originality in instruments in my opinion.  I also am attracted to wind pipes like Indian flute similar to the Japanese flute, harmonica, clarinet, saxophone, and accordion. Drums are ok if combined with the right melody of other instruments, otherwise I feel like they beating my head up with it.

There is modern music that makes my ear vibrate and my body move… Until the lyrics start to play and ruins it. Sex is amazing I get it, but is it necessary to announce sexual explicit lyrics? Well I’ll leave that for another post.

Below there’s a list of real music from real talent that will blow your mind and maybe even touch your heart. What you’re about to hear… Is real talent. REAL ORIGINAL MUSIC FOR THE SOUL.




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