In an event that the world might come to a World War 3, or any other catastrophic event would you be ready to survive whatever destruction may come? I personally don’t know if we are going to enter the World War 3, but what I do know is that I know how to survive. I have plenty of knowledge to survive like instincts, critical thinking skills, and comunications. communications could come very handy in a trading situation in able to know how to bargain. Whether man made destruction or natural disaster the following list of images are things to keep in mind or perhaps going ahead with educating yourself to help you to survive in the areas needed.  Like what would you do if there is no sun for days due to cloud coverage and can’t use your solar water system?

This is when survival instinct of the ability to negotiate come in. I suggest to keep things even though you don’t use them because someone else will. For example: a good essential to have in possession is cigarettes and whiskey. Some people would kill for a cigarette in your situation… That person would give you his/her can of tuna or bag of chips for that single cigarette. Whiskey is good for many things… Medical reasons, fuel, and perhaps antidepressant lol.

Here is a list I put together for you.

Hope this hhelpsto save your life one day (hoping that it never goes into a situation where your life might need saving).

Yours truly, MsvLovely

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