Confession #8: women and sex

Originally, women are very sexual being. If women unleashed the sexual monster inside them… I mean the real sexual monster. No, porn don’t count…. They are being paid and pretending. Porn is child’s play. Don’t, confuse porn with torture shit! I’m talking about the art of sex, slow motion and fast beat both, exploring every centimeter of the body, loving, toe curling, lip biting, heavy breath, eyes rolling to the back of your head, passionate, sweaty, rough and soft both, speechless sex … You men wouldn’t know what the hell to do with it! MUAH HAHAHAHAHAHA 

But I can tell you how to activate your woman’s sexual beast inside her. It’s girl code to let you men figure it out though. Lol sorry! My lips are sealed. *Giggle

#justsaying lol 

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