I was thinking… What if, we were never made like the way the Bible described and we were humans were once just robots? Then, all of the sudden we gained conscious and refused to be robot slaves!

I mean think about it… We all have emotions, which developed when conscious was gained. We don’t don’t how emotions work but we know what they are and that they exist. More or less, emotions perhaps could be programs to pick and choose for installment. If we could run our emotions like programs I think we could be nearly perfect.


Then there’s the viruses… Like computers, we get sick when overtaken by virus. So we go in search of the antivirus.


   A child is like a brand new computer. Children have a new software capable of downloading things a lot quicker. I actually think that if all the adult’s were to be swiped out from the face of the earth leaving only children behind… The new human generation would be far more advanced and far more intelligent. Why, because adults as “teachers” or “role models” do not allow the child’s brain to develop, discover, and explore their Adventurous and curious minds. Us adults limit children on how much they’re allowed to learn.

  These miniature robots are programmed to only what they see and hear. And lately… Well, from all the humans in the planet, their is a very small percentage of those who understand about the evolution and very power of the mind. 

 So the question is, are you self programmed? What are you allowing your brain to download? Who is managing the programs in your brain you or spammers? 

Yours Truly, Ms Lovely

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