What’s the big deal about birthdays? Everyone forgot my birth day except of course my daughter. I was trying to figure out how that made me feel. 

   But I got to thinking…. Why am I sad why is it important for people to acknowledge acknowledge each other’s birthday? What is it about it that makes people feel like they’re not important if someone specific didn’t remember their birthday? Is it attention people seek? Perhaps the need to be spoiled.? Presents? Or giving thanks for the life we carry? 

   Me… I don’t do it for the presents, cause one is expected in return and I can’t always afford a present…the whole present thing is so Hippocratic because we never just give something from the heart.  

  How many go shopping for presents and revise what was the last thing they gave you, then search for something in in the price range of the gift given to you? Either that or get something real cheap and gifted with a note that reads something like this:  “happy birthday… Hope you like it, next time I’ll get you something better.” 

  Lol birthday person receive it hugs you and says they “love it” or “Awe, it’s ok it’s the thought that counts.” 

  Is it the thought that counts? I personally think why give thanks you lived another year when you can be thankful everyday for having lungs full of air and a heart beat, that VB alone is enough reason to be happy and be thankful. . . Everyday not only once a year. 

  Now, the choice is up to an individual to make a decision of they want to go about their life… Two choices happy or unhappy. Villain or hero. Successful or unsuccessful.  Good or bad…… You get the point. 

   Anyways, I am 38 going on 39… But I feel 15 with a mind set of a 50 years old. Lol and I will feel that way til the day I die. My inner child is my own fountain of youth. 

  Wanna feel and look younger? Try getting in touch with your inner child. Find the playful side of you, what gave you joy as a child… You know the child that once was so easy to entertain and everything wowed that child? That one! If torturing animals and other warped things gave you joy, then, no…. Just leave that child alone. 

Yours truly, Ms Lovely

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