The Curious Instinct

  What do you believe in? Why? How stubborn are you to pursue something you saw, felt, and what you believe to prove it? Why does it has to stop at “I know what I __(blank)___ and I don’t have to prove it?” 

  We exist because Eva got curious of the forbidden fruit. We have electricity because Benjamin Franklin got curious. Albert Einstein and Issac Newton, so on and so forward… All had a theory, that led to curiosity, that led to investigation, and never gave up their passion for their own curious minds. 

  In my opinion there’s too much fear, fear of being wrong. Or perhaps, fear of ruining one’s reputation of not being known as someone smart and gaining a society’s title of “the crazy man/woman and his/her crazy theories.” 

  Not everyone but most are living life inside a box afraid of the unknown or afraid of the truth. Most people are content with what they see, ignoring when something jumps out of a distant hidden corner saying, “hey look, I’m waiting to be discovered.” 

  Curiosity is nature’s way of developing of the brain. Curiosity is the adult’s inner child of adventure. Yes, like children, some may or may not get in trouble at the stubbornness of wanting to prove their theory. A few rules might get broken, some boundaries might get crossed along the road. A. child’s curiosity lingers even more so after getting a spanking. Ever came across a place that had a sign that read,  “PRIVATE PROPERTY?” How many of you starting thinking theory after theory of what might be on the other side? How many of you got in trouble for trying to prove your theory?  The satisfaction of itching your scratch however, could be super rewarding.  

  My point is, that there is a difference between having a believe or theory and proving it. Your theory means nothing if you can’t prove it, otherwise it is only a lingering thought. 

I encourage all to itch your scratch. Follow your curiosity full throttle and discover discovery. 

Yours truly, Ms Lovely

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