Female self constipation relieve?

It never stops to amaze me how we can learn new things from time to time… There really isn’t such thing as “Now I herd it all.”

Anyways, I recently learned a new tactic on how to relieve constipation. I been debating whether or not to share this, but hey….. YOLO!!!

As gross as it may soube, the information might save your “anal-ysis” (wink wink) from have a really bad day. . . Sorry Boyd… But this won’t work for you! Lol

Ok, so, ladies… You take your thumb and stick it in as far as you can go (idk which hand.. I haven’t practice this myself, but my bff assured me that it works.) In your vagina. Feel the wall between vagina and anus, you should be able to feel a lump or a few. That would be your poo) With your thumb begin smoothing gently from top to bottom. This will get things moving in there.

Gross fact: You can mold the poo as if it was clay by mashing it. I know it’s gross but it’s either walk around all day butt hurt because poop stuck in there (EWW), perform an enimah, and unplug yourself with your thumb. I personally would pick the thumb… Gone dab it Jerusalem monkeys forbid me from ever getting constipation! That’s why water is my best friend! That’s right.. drink at lease four to six 8oz glasses of water a day and you won’t ever have that problem.

Yours Truly, Ms Lovely

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