Confession #5

You ready for this?…

Hi, even though I am know as Ms Lovely…. Lol I’m not always so lovely. 

 I consider myself to be a chameleon… Why? Well, because I blend in anywhere. 

I grew up on the streets from the age of 6. Because I was clueless and scared, my survival instincts kicked in. I learned to observe people and mimic different behaviors lol. That has helped me in so many ways. 

  Instead of being down in the dumps, I managed to make those hard times learning experiences. I learned enough to know better on how to be proper. 

 Proper, sweet, intelligent, well rounded, strong spirited, with great moral standard… However, I have a little thug that lingers in the back of my mind.. and it lingers in the back of my mind. It’s the kind of thug who is not afraid of standing up for her and other’s rights, and it is easily activated at the sight of injustice. Even though I hate drama, this little 5’2″ thug does not sweat confrontation. I am blunt, to the point, and I call it as I see it. Of course, I am a lady first. So I question the situation to get to the bottom of things. But if it comes down to it… Thug it is. Lol 

Yours Truly, Ms Lovely

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