Daily Prompt: Disagree

via Daily Prompt: Disagree

one thing I will disagree on is that there is no such thing as a “white lie.” A lie is a lie no matter the reason.

I disagree with religion, because according to my observations, followers seem confused as if they don’t know who they’re worshiping anymore. People o to church a couple times a week to call themselves Christians (NOT ALL BUT MOST). In society, people almost instantly earn respect as soon as they mention that they belong in *blank* “religion.” Actions speak louder than words and Christians are doing a very poor job at demonstrating the love they speak of,when they try to convince you to join they’re church.

They go out into the world, end up at my door step, and ask me, Do you know God loves us all equally?

As mischievous as I am, I want to test this love. I want to see how “god” uses his children. So, I say in reply “There’s no such thing as GOD, smile and try to close my door”

Um yeah, than man’s loving smile went from loving smile to I just got out of prison and I’m here to tell you to join my gang B@#$& sort of smile. This time with a deeper voice (I could tell I just pissed him off) he told me this… ” Do you know what happens to your soul when you deny the Lord as your savior? Let me TELL (emphasis on the T) you what will happen. You will burn and toy in hell for eternity and will be forced to self inflicting pain for eternity … You are a disgrace to the human race and shouldn’t Neve been born…” On and on, so…. I closed the door in his face since he didn’t when I asked him to he continued to verbally abuse me as he walked away. The words coming out his mouth were repulsively jaw dropping unbelievably foul and insulting. I give him this though… He sure seemed loyal lol .

My point is that you don’t have to be a church member to behave descent, have morals, and respect others. I mean, does one need to be threaten, to behave adequately?
Because Christianity is either serve or burn in hell… Idk but, that to me sounds a bit not god like.

Yours Truly, Ms Lovely

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