I study the phrase “I love you” long and hard. I study and observe behavior, body language, and expression. You should too. Don’t just fall for someone that says “I love you” without knowing the reason behind it. Why do they love you? How do they show you they do? When they show you, what was the expression on their face?

I say this because I’m looking out for you my friend.

“I love you” have many meanings and true “I love you” til the day I die with my body, heart,spirit,and soul is usually not the main reason you getting that phrase.

What people mean when they say
“I love you….”

1- can you do me a favor?
2- support me and my kids cause I’m too lazy to work.
3- I just want some booty!
4- I just want your money.
5- I just want my citizenship.
And 6- I’m using you to get to ______.

Other than that keep searching, be careful, and I love you all (meaning, I care about the human race and by giving my love to you I hope to restore a little seed of what love truly is).

Overall, live is a big deal people. When you truly love one another as humans, we can bring morals and respect back!

Yours truly, Ms Lovely

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