The Outlook On Life

​My outlook in life, I have several…
1- RELIGION:  I came to the conclusion that one does not need or must follow a religion to act with decency and to have respect for all life in general.
2- HAPPYNESS:  I also determined that happiness is a choice…. I say this because, blaming someone for your unhappy life, it’s only saying that you’re allowing another person be the  cause to your unhappy life… Thus choosing to be  unhappy or happy despite of other’s actions. 
3- LOVE: Ah! Love… I have both experienced and observed that you just can’t seek love. Love happens in serendipity… Love chooses you. Ever herd of “soul mates?” Yeah, well I thought about it, and I guess the universe works a certain way and and all living organisms are programmed to work a certain way. There’s nothing anything or anybody can do to change the way life works as the universe is intended to work. If it’s meant to be, then it will be. If it’s not, your mind, body, soul, intuition, and subconscious mind will alert you right away when you should stay away from certain person, place, or thing. 
4- JOY: You can get joy out of the most simple things in life. There are 24 hr in a day. Do you ever take time to fill your heart with joy with a small simple thing? For example: Doesn’t it feel good to just close your eyes, fill your lungs with air, and release? Inhale deeply, then exhale… Now, be thankful and appreciate the life that was given to you, because you were given a chance to live life on earth… You could’ve very well never existed. 
In conclusion, I like to point out that we have one chance to live.. .might as well do it right, make the best out of it, and be civil about it.

Yours truly, Ms Lovely

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