Who is qualified to obtain the title of a “Friend For Life?”

I believe being a friend for life means acceptance and understanding, all while having the ability to express your self openly as well as being the good listener.

In a friendship there is always a dominant and a submissive personality. Like a romantic relationship, one is everything the other is not. Dominant friends are leaders and not afraid to confront critical situations. However, dominant personalities are not as social as submissives are. A submissive person is generally afraid of many things and feel like they need protection.

While the dominant struggles with socializing, the submissive friend with their bubbly personality comes to the rescue opening the door for dominant personality to fully express themselves.

On the other hand, the submissive is afraid of everything. Sub will not go about their day if a giant spider is in their path and is in desperate need of dominant friend to come to the rescue!

Conversation is a bit of a struggle for a sub to communicate. It is easy for dominant friend to talk talk talk, not realizing or chooses not to acknowledge that the sub friend also has something to say. But the sub has patience and usually finds a way to deliver the message. This usually creates issues in the friendship. . . But as good friends they always figure out how to solve those issues.

To keep this friendship for life, whether, is a romantic, blood relatives, or with a stranger on the bus… The two must always balance out what is given and what is taken. You must have patience, accept/understand each other’s differences, and listen. You know you want what’s best for your friend, but DO NOT DICTATE…. Instead, try giving advice.

Yours Truly, Ms Lovely

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