image by: NASA TEAM


Ok so we all know how outer space sort of looks like based on the images shared by our brave team NASA . We’re basically floating in space in what it looks like to be an abyss of darkness. It’s a darkness without end with the light of only the sparkling planets, stars, and meteors. Also it looks like the sun is life to all things in outer space including us, planet earth and everything in it. It’s infinite!

I wonder, if there is such place as daylight in outer space.?? So bright that you can see outer space as clear as our blue sky. I wonder what’s it like?

If there was daylight in outer space, how would it look like?

The images in my head are unbelievably magical. There’s more that meets our eyes. Life is way past our own understanding. It is more than gossip about who cheated on who or wbo has the latest gadgets. Taking a step back to see and feel the true meaning the life that surround us, seeing the whole picture… it’s a shame what humanity takes in importance. People have forgotten how to be humble and appreciative of the vary oxygen that fills our lungs to sustain our life, taking life for granted. When it all could be wiped out in a blink of an eye! Humanity should not be wiped out by our own hand.

Have humans went mad? What goes through a person’s head when taking the life of another? Is this all part of evolution? An evolution where humans are born to decide who may have what, who may live or die, and even who is beautiful or not?

We are nothing with everything to a purpose. And I believe that greed have distorted humanity by destroying the humbleness in our hearts. Think about it.


Thoughts please…

Yours truly, Ms Lovely

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