Problem Solving



Metaphysically speaking, life is VB like a huge math problem on a chalk board. The answer is right there in front of you… Remember this, when you step on dog poo.

Really all you have to do is to not ignore it, because it simply won’t go away. It’s the other way around. Focus on the problem in VB front of you, study it,  put 2 and 2 together, and you’ll see that the answer to solving this problem will be as easy as 2+2=4

My theory, math has rules. That’s why it’s easy to figure it out. 2+2 will always add up to 4, so on and so forward.

In real life problems, there is always a source in which it begun.

Point  A. Or What caused the problem.

A problem always have variable factors.

Point B. Or The Effect Factors (condition of situation. )

And finally what do you think there needs be done? So now you have choices.

Point C. Choices

Now you can make the math by following simple rules and you will get the results

Point X. Results.

Here is how to do it….

(Add up the cause and effect) A+B =?

(Then take that answer and “C” (choices) and divide all to come up with an answer to your problem… “X” is the answer!

A+B= ? ÷ C=X

Yours truly, Ms Lovely


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